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Our Vision

To accelerate the development of an inclusive digital economy and provide widespread accessibility to affordable financial products and services.

Who We Are

Telos One is a group of professionals with extensive experience in Payments, Marketing, Web Development, and Consulting. Combining our expertise, we have created a holistic approach to how we advance growth for businesses of all sizes. Our executive team consists of a group of skilled professionals who have consulted and developed applications for Canada’s leading banks.

At Telos One, we are able to master each area in which we offer services. Mostly because that matters to us, but also because our top three executives have a combined experience of 50+ years in payments, marketing, and consulting. We combine our skills to understand your business and deliver a tailored solution to precisely fit your needs and that allow for scale.

Our Team

Andy Matecki


Brent Lucas


Tiffany Liu

HR Coordinator

Devin Wang


Renard Patrick


Hatim Zavery



How We Work With You

First, we learn what you do. It is up to us to make sure we know you - your strengths, needs, processes, clients and passions. This is an important step often overlooked in the discovery process. No two businesses are the same, so no two business solutions should be the same.

Once we have done our homework, the real work begins. Telos One will prepare a draft of what we can do for you and our advice on where we think you could use our services best. We will evaluate and remedy your needs (and your wants!) That said, we will also listen to you. We are not in the business of bulldozing our clients, and slapping them with a fat bill at the end of it all.

We will provide you with a custom blend of solutions to fit your exact needs. Whether it be upgrading your website, branding, business analytics and insights, upgrading your payment acceptance, refining your social media strategy, or producing any and all marketing materials. We can provide all or just one of those things. It's about you, and what you want. It's about the business, and what it needs.

How We Help

Business Consulting

We regularly see businesses struggling with basic processes. Inventory management, shipping and fulfillment, accounting and charging and remitting taxes are just a few examples. We can guide your business on how to manage and automate core processes so you stay legal, profitable and competitive while you focus on your stability and growth.

Credit Card Processing and Payments

Make it easy for people to give you their money. However they choose to pay. With over 200 integration partners, we will plug directly into your system. We also offer a suite of fraud management tools that will minimize your exposure to thousands of scams and stolen card rings.

E-Commerce Development and Integration

From your first basic steps onto the web, to migrating a legacy system with 20 thousand products to a big player like BigCommerce, we have the expertise and experience to get the project over the line. And we don't stop at building the website. We have training resources for your staff, and other tools that can automate marketing, advertising and communications.

Social Marketing Consulting and Tools

Social media is hard to manage on your own. You need to come up with a nonstop stream of relevant content, build up social audiences, and engage with customers across all social channels, and do it every day. You know that social media is critical to the growth of your business, but you need help. Let us take on the daily grind so you can focus on what you love.


Why Choose Us

Mortgage brokers shop for a better rate for you. Insurance brokers shop for a better rate for you. So why would you treat your card processing differently? As payments brokers, we take your business to our full stable of partners to find not just the best card processing rates out there, but also the features your business needs to grow.

We work with businesses of all sizes, from fast-growth startups to established enterprises.

What We Can Do For You

Make it easy for your customers

Keep your customers happy by letting them pay the way they prefer. Whether it be a major credit card, with a smartphone, or with modern peer-to-peer payments such as WeChat Pay, we are able to support the needs of the most demanding businesses.

Rate analysis & Management

We can reverse engineer your current rates with 2-3 statements and tell you where you are paying too much. We monitor your statements continually to make sure you are not getting repriced by your provider. If we see your rates are rising, we call the provider and intervene on your behalf.

Enterprise Payment Services

We are able to cater to the needs of the most demanding enterprise customers. Whether it be integration to your existing ERP or CRM solution, recurring payments, or enhanced data processing (EDP), we can help you accomplish your goals while ensuring you are compliant with PCI-DSS and GDPR requirements.

Service with a smile

Got a problem? You call us, not the card processor. We can get things fixed faster. As industry experts, we know the systems and we know the language to get results fast.


How we Work With You

E-Commerce is not just a part of your business. It's the core, even if you have a brick and mortar location. Selling online forces you to ask key questions. How you answer those question determines your success at rolling out an online presence.

If you already have a brick and mortar operation, then the build and launch process is distinctly different than if it's your first time selling on the internet. We take the time to understand what your goals are, what the business needs, and take that into our design process as we build a customized E-Commerce solution just for you.

Keep Your Options Open

With over 200 integration partners, your options will always remain open with Telos One. And if we don't have the technology or process, we will go find it for you, or custom build it to suit your requirements.

What We Can Do For You

E-Commerce Development and Integration

We can build on several platforms, from super fast static HTML websites, to common platforms like WordPress and Magento. We are a certified BigCommerce Partner and can create on most SaaS systems like Shopify and Wix. We integrate analytics, perimter security and malware systems seamlessly for you.

End-to-End E-Commerce Management

Our secure, business-class servers are 100% Canadian and ready to scale with your growing business. In addition to managing your hosting, we are equipped to manage your domains, security policies, SaaS accounts, analytics and systems integration requirements.

Solution Sourcing

E-Commerce sites will have you believe online sales are a click away. That may be possible, but what about inventory management, accounting, taxes, fulfillment, shipping, and returns? We will build a custom set of tools that automate as much as possible at every step.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Take control of your business and make better decisions driven by relevant real-time data. we pull together website and E-Commerce analytics, and tie in Social Media, Marketing and targetted advertising. We integrate and automate, so you can handle it all on your own or pass pieces of the process to your employees.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Stand Out Among Your Competition

Our industry is in a period of transition where traditional channels are fading away and digital is taking over. Customer engagement is everything. Social Media has moved away from just being a way to show your products or services to clients. Now it involves advertising and responding to customers for everything from pre-sales questions to customer service. Now multiply that by the five or six social media platforms you are engaged on. We have tools that allow your entire social media presence from one dashboard.

Our Social Media Platform streamlines marketing and management on Social Media. From Facebook to LinkedIn, from online reputation to SEO, it’s one tool to manage your entire online presence.

Why We Stand Out

As a typical business owner, you don't have the time to go down every alley, backcheck, vett, demo and price every business solution out there. You have to focus on the day to day and, more importantly, the future.

The alternative is to "Just Google it". But do you really want to base the future of your business on a star rating on a website?

Our Social Media Toolkit

Reputation Manager

Monitor and manage online customer reviews of your business. Monitor your online reputation and respond to Google and Facebook reviews directly.

Social Media Manager

One place and one page to effortlessly manage all your Social Media. Schedule posts and respond to customers with ease from a single dashboard.

Listing Builder & Manager

Ensure your Google My Business online listing is accurate and complete with an easy to follow, step by step system. Push your listing to over 150 other directories. Not just search engines, but powerful directories that include Trip Advisor™, Yelp™, Foursquare™, and even navigation systems like Waze™, Mercedes™, and Ford™.

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media! What's not to love? It's not just a tool to show your products or services to clients anymore. Now it involves advertising and responding to customers for everything from pre-sales questions to customer service.

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