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Telos One offers a full range of payment solutions for ecommerce, mobile payments, in-person payments that fit your needs and budget.

Core Competencies

We help businesses accept secure payments online, in-person and mobile, while ensuring your needs and budget are met.


We can help bring your business online as quickly as in a few days.


We offer a full suite of standalone and semi-integrated terminals suitable for all types of industries.

Enterprise Payments

We support large organizations with integrated payment solutions.

Mail & Telephone Order

We offer secured virtual terminal to help you accept payments from customers anywhere.

Invoicing Systems

We ease your accounting pains with simple, yet capable tools to manage your invoices.

Custom Applications

We help you develop applications to drive customer engagement and customer loyalty.

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Your fraud program should never interfere with your customer experience.

ClearSale has built a one-of-a-kind fraud solution that empowers you to stop more fraud, approve more sales, and build happier customer relationships.

• E-Commerce Approval Rate: The Only Silver Bullet – Download

• E-Commerce Fraud Protection for Enterprise Businesses – Download

• Complete E-Commerce Fraud Protection – Download

• Good-Fit Merchants for ClearSale Fraud Security – Download

Founded in Australia, Kasada set-out to improve upon traditional AppSec and anti-bot solutions.

They’ve pioneered a better approach that’s simple to use and ensures immediate and long-lasting protection.

• Bot Detection & Mitigation Datasheet – Download ad

One-size-fits-all payment solutions don’t offer the flexibility most businesses need to scale. Build exactly what you need for your customers and business model using NMI’s modular platform.

• Payfirma Processing Brochure – Download

• PayHQ Video – Watch

Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and retail platform that retailers need to manage and grow their business. Vend enables retailers to accept payments, sell in-store and online, manage their inventory, reward customer loyalty, and report on their business in real time.


• App Integrations – Click Here

• Recommended Hardware – Click Here

• Vend POS for Multi Store – Click Here

• Vend 101 Demo Video – Watch

One of the fundamental rules of business is to make easy for customers to give you their money. Accepting payments in the digital age is more important than ever to the success of your business, no matter what you do.

Brent Lucas, CTO, Telos One

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